SAGE-RIby Sally Ann Hay.

Exciting Changes on the Horizon

The life of a grassroots, stand-alone, organization that is staffed by volunteers is exciting, exhilarating, exhausting…and precarious! SAGE–RI has been in search of firmer footing for some time now and we are delighted to announce that we have found a parent organization who is prepared to provide just that. CareLink is a nonprofit management service organization that offers an array of consultation and business services to its member organizations—groups that cover the spectrum of long term care options in Rhode Island. Well respected within health care and policy circles in Rhode Island, CareLink will offer SAGE–RI a stronger platform from which to advocate for LGBT older adults. More importantly, they understand and share a commitment to our mission, and they are prepared to offer us the resources needed to continue and expand our work. As we progress with the merger, we will be sharing more information, but for now, we hope you will celebrate with us.

Ever Grateful

We want to thank Cathy Cranston, who is stepping down as our Interim Executive Director. Before she was hired, Cathy was clear her intent was to work hard, fast, and only until May 1. By golly, she was true to her word! A whirling dervish of energy, creativity, and strategic thinking, Cathy played a profoundly significant role in helping SAGE–RI position itself for a stronger and more stable future. We wish her all the best as she looks forward to enjoying a different pace of life: sharing retirement with her partner (and original founder of SAGE–RI), Mildred Bates, who has recently stepped down from her position at Rhode Island College School of Social Work. Don’t get too comfortable, Cathy and Mildred; we’re counting on you to be a part of SAGE-RI’s future.

Join Us!

How can you resist? If you aren’t currently an LGBT older adult, we surely hope you will be one day; we all have a stake in the future. LGBT people of all ages are invited to join in our efforts to make Aging While LGBT a rich and enjoyable experience in RI. Look for us at Pride; help shape the local and national LGBT agenda (; join us at one of the monthly LGBT Cafes; come to any one of the several GenSilent showings and discussions that will be occurring at various faith-based organizations over the summer and fall; and watch for our upcoming membership drive. It’s a good time to join SAGE–RI. Want to know more about any and all of these events? Make sure you are on our email list and follow us on Facebook.

SAGE-RI (Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders) addresses issues of concern to LGBT elders and is an organization of diverse people of all ages. For information on programs or to join SAGE-RI, drop us a line at; leave us a message at (401) 528-3259; write to us at 235 Promenade St., Suite 500, Box 18, Providence, RI 02908, or find us on Facebook  as SAGE-Rhode Island.