Project RENEW, a group that provides services for sex workers such as HIV prevention, employment assistance, and general support, is combining with Project Weber to offer more comprehensive care to all gender identities. The Pawtucket Citizens Development Corporation began Project RENEW in the Bar ton Street neighborhood of Pawtucket in 2005 to address the issue of prostitution that had persisted for decades. In September 2013, the project moved its home base to Amos House. According to the Amos House website, the move expanded the resource capacity of the project by “connecting staff to additional partners and funding sources, to provide direct services for the women including access to the 90-Day Women’s Program, the Mother-Child Reunification Program, and the job training and employment services, and to grow the ability of the project to serve clients in the largest city in the state.” Now, with the help of Project Weber, these services have become even more numerous and have spread to cover issues such as substance abuse, detox, mental health treatment, and housing. The group will offer a support group for high-risk members of the transgender community. The group will meet Thursdays at 4pm in Providence. All interested par ties should contact the Transgender Outreach Specialist at