February 27, 2017

To Members of the University Community:

The University of Rhode Island is a community of scholars, students, faculty and staff from across the globe. We are united by our community values or Cornerstones, represented by the statement, “We respect the rights and dignity of each individual and group. We reject prejudice and intolerance, and we work to understand differences.”

Last week the Departments of Education and Justice rescinded guidelines issued by the Obama Administration that sought to provide educators with information necessary to ensure all students, including Transgender students, can attend educational institutions in an environment free from discrimination based on sex or gender identity. We fully realize the potential fear and anxiety that can result from the reversal of this guidance, especially the impact on the LGBTQ community. We want to assure you that URI stands firmly by our core values.

As an institution that strives daily to be free of discrimination and to uphold the tenets of Title IX policy, we want to assure our community members that the University of Rhode Island will continue to provide protections to all people regardless of one’s gender identity and/or expression.

If you feel that you have been targeted by discriminatory or harassing behavior or have witnessed such acts, or simply seek opportunities to share your feelings, concerns, or ideas, the following resources are available to you:

Gender and Sexuality Center, 401.874.2894
URI Counseling Center, 401.874.2288
Office of Community, Equity and Diversity, 401.874.7077
Affirmative Action and Diversity, 401.874.2098
Dean of Students Office, 401.874.2098
Women’s Center, 401.874.2097

David M. Dooley

President, University of Rhode Island