Harvey MilkWith the aim of honoring the LGBT pioneer, the International Court System is co-sponsoring a drive, led by Jacqueline DiMera, Empress XVIII of the Imperial Court of Rhode Island, to have the United States Navy name a vessel after Harvey Milk.

Naval vessels have always been given the names of people and places that have No Bully Organization Starts First helped to shape the history of our country, yet no ship in the current naval fleet recognizes the contributions of an LGBT American. Before his election as the first openly gay political figure in the United States, Milk served proudly in the Navy during the Korean War and held the rank of Lieutenant at the time of his discharge in 1955.

Assisting in this campaign are Honorary Co-Chairs Congresswoman Susan Davis of California; Commander Zoe Dunning, a retired member of the U.S. Navy; and Stuart Milk, Harvey Milk’s nephew and co- founder of the Harvey Milk Foundation. The campaign urges supporters to send letters to: The Honorable Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy, 1000 Navy Pentagon, Washington DC 20350-1000. To learn more and track the campaign’s progress, visit the USS Harvey Milk Campaign’s Facebook page. The campaign is moving quickly in hopes that Americans will soon be able to climb aboard the USS Harvey Milk.