Kyle McKendall, Publisher of Options headshotDear Reader,

Last month 2nd Story Theater hosted a benefit night for Options, raising over $1,700. All proceeds from ticket sales on the pre-opening dress rehearsal performance were donated directly to Options. Thank you to the management and staff at the theater, all of whom purchased tickets to the show, and to the cast who put on a fantastic production of Die, Mommy, Die! Payton St. James’s portrayal of Angela Arden is a must-see. The production runs through August 28. I hope you’ll visit to purchase tickets.

Please join me in welcoming Kellie and Belinda Marcil to the Options team. They will manage distribution of the magazine. I look forward to working closely with them over the coming months; their energy is contagious. Options’ distribution efforts are 100% dependent on volunteers. In a time span of just a few days, Kellie and Belinda are tasked with getting 3,000 copies of Options dropped to over 100 locations around the state. I hope you’ll visit our website to see how you can help. Signing up for just a handful of locations would make a huge impact. We are still trying to fill several key volunteer roles that have minimal time commitments tied to them. I hope you’ll contact me to find out how you can help. Skillsets and interests of any kind and in any industry can be utilized.

On Tuesday, August 25, we’re hosting an open house at our office. Please join us from 6-7pm at the Hope Artiste Village, 1005 Main Street in Pawtucket in Suite 1105. Light refreshments and drinks will be served. We’ll provide updates on the organization, brainstorm editorial ideas and fundraising opportunities, and talk about the future of Options. I hope to see you there!


Kyle McKendall