This note first appeared in the January 2016 issue of Options Magazine.

“Don’t stop the presses.”

These four words, written in the memo section on a check sent to Options in December, underscore the thoughts that many of our readers have about this magazine. Be it the resources we publish or the stories we present that would otherwise remain untold, you, our readers, recognize that the need for a locally focused LGBTQ community publication in today’s world remains constant.

Since May of 1982, teams of passionate people have made sure that Options makes it off the presses and into the hands of readers. As we enter 2016 and prepare to celebrate our 34th anniversary in print, the current leadership team is working earnestly to ensure that this organization can serve as a platform for current and future generations of LGBTQ people to exchange ideas and connect with one another, despite our differences of identity and expression. Within these pages, we’ll share meaning and purpose; we’ll cope with the progress that needs to be made; we’ll be understood; and we’ll seek to understand.

Your readership and feedback on editorial content we publish is invaluable to our organization. However, we urge you to support Options in 2016 in one of the following ways:

  • Advertise your business, or encourage decision makers you know to advertise.
  • Offer your professional skills. Are you an accountant, lawyer, or writer? Do you have experience in marketing, fundraising, graphic design, or grant writing? We need you.
  • Attend our monthly release party and volunteer your time to distribute copies of the magazine. It’s a fantastic way to meet new people in our community.

Kyle McKendall, Publisher of Options Magazine, HeadshotContact me directly at or 724-5428 if you are interested in talking about these opportunities in more detail. Your help coupled with our team’s efforts to keep the Options press printing, will ensure that this magazine thrives in 2016.


Kyle McKendall