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As said by Greek philosopher Heraclitus, “The only thing constant is change.” These words are ones which enter my mind on a daily basis.Whether during times of good, bad, and sometimes just plain uncertainty, I remember these words, repeat them, live them.

In this issue of Options, we cover stories on many changes happening now throughout Rhode Island’s LGBTQ community. We remember the life of Jim Seavor, an active member of our community who recently passed away.We look into the personal and political life of Brett Smiley, Governor Raimondo’s new chief- of-staff. We learn about Ten31 Productions, an event production company known for its living art installations, of whose owners Joe and Eric are forming a non-profit version of TEN31 so they can activate their studio for the community. We’ve also published stories discussing changes in state health and wellness issues, including the recent state defunding of Rhode Island’s only syringe exchange program, a recap on the Conference of Sexual Health Equity, and on Zencare, a new online therapy support service providing people with mental health resources.

Many changes are also present throughout our fellow

non-profits. This month, TPI is proud to introduce their new fall ambassadors.We also hear from Davide Gnoato, interim president of RI Pride, as he discusses the non-profit’s immediate need of support and upcoming merge with the LGBTQ center, forming the RI Pride Center.

Here at Options, change is underway as well. As we look to grow our board of directors and production team, we also seek to create an editorial advisory board that will ensure Options continues to be a publication covering the top stories, issues, events and resources for our community. Since 1982, Options readers’ have seen our publication change in many forms. We’ve come a long way since then, and each change made along the way has only helped us get to where we are today. If you know of anyone, or are interested yourself, in joining an editorial advisory board for Options, please email

Brendan Chipley Roane

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