Bigoted Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Arrested, Released, and Praised

Kim Davis

Kim Davis

In August, Kim Davis, a 49-year- old municipal county clerk from Rowan County, Kentucky, defied a federal court order by refusing to issue a marriage license to David Moore and David Ermold. Davis denied this license and others saying it went against “God’s word,” which garnered her the adoration of many Republicans and devout Christians nationwide.

Davis was jailed in contempt of court for five days and, upon her release, was celebrated in a rally attended by Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and many anti-LGBT supporters. Surprisingly, members of the LGBT hate group The Westboro Baptist Church are not in support of Davis because they consider her four marriages over the last ten years adulterous and sinful. The stipulation for Davis’ release is that she must not interfere with the issuing of marriage licenses by the deputy clerks to all legally eligible couples. However, Davis pledged to do her part in preventing same-sex marriages in her speech upon being released.

Columbia University law professor Katherine Franke said, “Kim Davis has all sorts of religious liberty rights secured under the First Amendment and under other laws, but they are not at stake in this case. All she’s asked to do with couples that come before her is certify that they’ve met the state requirements for marriage, so her religious opposition to same-sex marriage is absolutely irrelevant in this context.”

WATCH: Kim Davis denies a marriage license to David Moore and David Ermold in July: