Following the passing of Rafalle D. Martino, the Imperial Court of Rhode Island’s Board President Rob Parrish released the following statement on the ICRI’s Facebook page:

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we must announce the passing of Rafalle D. Martino, Emperor I and one of our founding members.

Regent Empress Gia Devaroux and Regent Emperor Belle Pellegrino along with our membership extend our most heart felt condolences to Ralph’s family, friends and to his Empress l B.B. Hayes.

Ralph and BB sitting on a convertible

Emperor I Ralph Martino, left, and Empress I BB Hayes, right, take part in the Pride parade festivities, 1992.

We will forever miss those dancing feet. Ralph was always willing to take a new member of ICRI under his wing and could and would talk for hours over the history of the Imperial Court System and the founding of Imperial Court of Rhode Island. He shared a very close friendship with Ma’ma, Jose The Widow Norton which showed during every state visit. The Imperial Court of Rhode Island was very dear to Ralph, and we will forever honor him in our hearts.

With love and grace,

President Board of Directors,

Rob Parrish